About Higanijulu.

We are a team of digital marketing strategists and creatives — based in Nairobi, Kenya — working together to help our clients get their clients.


To help SMEs grow and thrive through strategic lead generation and nurturing.


To be the go-to partner for global businesses seeking to build flourishing customer communities, driving exponential revenue growth and lasting online success.


We love and live by these principles.

We believe in sustainable and long term success – and it doesn’t happen in a day. Our approach is focused on building systems that will carry clients far into the future.
We are truthful and honest in everything that we do.
We are always testing and incorporating new ideas and techniques to elevate our work, find new solutions and deliver industry-leading results.
We’ll go the extra mile to help every client. If there’s something we can do to help your business, we’ll do it (or we’ll point you to someone who can).

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