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We Deliver Growth

Let’s help you leverage your online presence to effectively attract the right prospects, and convert them into loyal customers.

We’ve got you covered

Higanijulu builds a bespoke team that acts as an extension to your marketing team – eliminating the need to hire and manage an in-house marketer or team of freelancers.

The challenge

For most SMEs, the biggest growth challenges are:

Higanijulu helps clients generate qualified leads, convert those that are sales-ready while nurturing those who need more time. Our goal is to increase marketing-generated sales opportunities.

Lead generation

Get the right leads

Volume is nothing without quality

We help companies consistently attract the right prospects, who buy. 

Our capabilities include Google Ads, Social Ads, full funnel Landing Pages – for building a comprehensive lead generation machine.

lead nurturing

Close more leads

Don't waste your #leadgen efforts

Not every lead will make a purchase immediately.

Some of them can take weeks (or months!) to make a purchase decision. So it’s important that you nurture your leads over time to turn them into paying customers – and intelligent email is one of the most effective forms of lead nurturing on the market.

Our Process

Over the years, we’ve perfected a process that allows us to quickly identify what works for every client.

It all starts with knowing your goals. Thereafter, we dig deep into your audience and past campaign data to understand where you are, identify growth opportunities and build a bespoke marketing strategy designed to grow your business.

When execution begins, we continuously test, optimize, and uncover new opportunities that deliver long term growth.

Our clients ♡ us because we deliver growth

We’ve been lucky to work with clients from different industries – which includes Finance, Travel and Tourism, and Home Services.

Got Questions?

Our services are designed to help you get more sales opportunities. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Using Google, Social Media and Email campaigns – we help B2C service businesses build a reliable pipeline of quality leads.

We work with:

  • Growth phase or mature businesses who are looking for fresh ideas and continuous support to profitably generate more leads online.
  • Businesses that invest a minimum of $500 monthly, for at least 3 months, on lead generation or have the potential to get there soon.

We prefer not to work with:

  • Early-stage businesses who are still validating their business idea.
  • Businesses without a solid online presence.
  • Businesses who are looking for the lowest price.

It depends on which plan you settle for, but our costs are mostly between $230 and $900 per month.

No, we don’t need a long-term contract. We’ll start with a three-month contract and then continue with a month-to-month agreement.
Next step would be booking a discovery call with us to make sure we’d be a good fit.

Ready for a Chat?

Schedule a 30 minute chat to learn how Higanijulu can help you generate enough qualified sales opportunities. We’ll talk about your challenges, goals and figure out if we would make a good team – no strings attached.
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