My Biggest Marketing Mistake in 2022.

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Every business needs marketing.

You might be offering the best products or services in the world — but without marketing — none of your potential customers would ever know.

Because of this, businesses are increasingly investing more on their marketing. But it doesn’t always work as intended.

A Business Owner‘s Guide:
How to avoid common digital marketing mistakes.

Many of them keep making the same marketing mistakes that affect their ROI (Return On Investment).

We asked a few business owners to share their biggest marketing mistakes. 

Here’s what they said.

"I allocated too much budget on things like flyers and magazine ads"

My biggest mistake was spending most of our marketing budget on things like brochures, flyers and magazine ads.

While placing ads radio, newspaper, or other print publications have their place, I realized that relying on them as our primary source of clients was ineffective, frustrating, and expensive.

Dr. Kibara

Dentist, Nairobi

"Going it alone"

Well, I’ll have to admit that my biggest mistake was trying to do everything by myself.

After having my website built, I thought sharing a few posts on social media and crafting regular emails would be good enough.

Little did I know that the world of digital marketing is more dynamic, and complex, than I could understand.

I thought I knew more about marketing — than I actually do.

B. Nafula

Insurance Broker, Nairobi

"I had no access and control"

I had no idea where our website, domain, and emails were hosted, neither did I have access to the back end of these resources.

And it never occurred to me that this could be a problem, until this year, when they guy who has been doing all that for me started playing games – and became inaccessible.

There were times when I needed a few things changed or added to the website, but I couldn’t.

Literally, I was at the mercy of this guy.


Travel Agent, Nairobi

"I over relied on referrals"

For many years, I’ve been getting clients mostly through referrals.

As the business grew, I forgot about marketing and put minimal effort into it. I didn’t treat it as a core activity of my business. I didn’t make the effort to promote my work consistently. I didn’t invest anything into advertising on an ongoing basis.

The result?

In 2022, business really slowed down to a point where I was just keeping my fingers crossed – hoping that a new lead comes in later that afternoon.


Real Estate Agent, Nairobi


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A Business Owners Guide How to avoid common digital marketing mistakes
A Business Owner‘s Guide:
How to avoid common digital marketing mistakes.