How to fix your lead generation process in 4 steps.

How to fix your lead generation process in 4 steps

Every business needs leads to grow.

While the idea of generating leads is quite simple and straight-forward, the process and strategies needed are often challenging and overwhelming to most marketers and business owners.

If you feel like you lead generation is stuck in the mud and you have no idea how to get it out, check out these 4 steps on how you can get your lead generation back on track.

Step 1: Capture leads

The first step to lead generation is getting contact information of prospects, and here is how to di it.

a) Come up with an attractive offer

Potential buyers will not just give you their contact information because you need them.

You need to give them an incentive or good offer that is relevant and useful enough for them to exchange their email addresses or other contact information with you.

This offer could be a tool, calculator, ebook, checklist, guide etc. From our experience,  a tool like Lead Generation Assessment is more effective in getting prospects’ contact details.

b) Create a lead capture page

Once your offer is established, you need to host it on the right web page – and a landing page is more suited for this.

A landing page is a dedicated page on your website designed for a specific marketing campaign.

Because its customized to the campaign, it eliminates any distractions and direct the prospect to exactly what they need – which is your offer.

c) Generate the right traffic

On their own, your offer and landing page cannot capture any leads if no one knows they exist.

Therefore, to complete the equation, you need the right traffic.

Depending on your target audience, traffic could be generated through email, Google Ads, your blog posts, social media ads, influencers, outdoor advertising, print advertising among others.

Step 2: Qualify Leads

Not every lead you capture is a quality lead.

That is, not every lead is interested in buying your products or services. It could be a competitor trying to have a look at your lead generation process, a curious soul or someone just in need of your guide, ebook or tool for their own research.

Before sending any lead to your sales team, they must fit your ideal customer’s profile and:

  • be facing challenges that your products/services can address.
  • have a timeline for addressing the challenges
  • can afford your solutions
  • have the authority to make the purchase

Step 3: Nurture Leads

Once you’ve identified who your qualified leads are, it’s time to connect and build a relationship with them.

Here is how you can go about it.

a) Map out buyer’s journey and create relevant content

Your customers don’t just wake up and make a purchase.

They go through a process to identify their challenges, explore potential solutions and providers before finally making a purchase – and that’s the Buyer’s journey.

Identifying the stage at which your lead is in allows you to create relevant and more targeted nurturing campaigns.

For instance, if the lead has already identified their challenge and the solution but is not aware that your products/services can give them the results the want – you can create content that addresses their challenges and proposes your products/services are the right solution.

b) Launch targeted and automated campaigns

Sending the right message at the right time to the right lead manually, at times, can be overwhelming.

To help you save time and resources, you can take advantage of marketing automation to automatically send content based on what stage your leads are in the buyer’s journey.

Step 4: Measure

You can only know if Steps 1 through 3 are working if you have tracking and measurement implemented.

You need to track and measure performance of your lead generation process to identify any leakages, know which content is effective, find out which channels are bringing in the most leads – and ultimately, where most of your focus should be.

Keep testing, making changes where necessary and improving your lead generation process – based on the data you get from your tracking and measurement.


Fix you lead generation process

Without new leads, it will be harder for your business to find new customers, increase sales and grow – and your business could be dead sooner than you would imagine.

That’s why you should make it a priority to fix your lead generation system.

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